West Virginia Sen. Shelley Moore Capito met with area reporters virtually Thursday and said she's working with The White House to figure out the infrastructure bill.

"The conversations I've had with The White House, really almost daily, have been very productive, in a sense of gathering data, making sure that we're talking about the same things, here," she said.

On the day after President Biden's speech to Congress, Capito said Republicans are focusing on the core infrastructure elements of the president's plans.

“So, he and others at the administration level, and the president said it last night in his speech, seem to have an appetite to want to sit down and try to work this out,” Capito said.

She said continuing to put more federal money into the economy is having unintended consequences.

"I'm beginning to hear now, more and more businesses that have more jobs than people. That won't get you off unemployment because of the enhancements we've built in there. If they can make more and stay home, why wouldn't they do that?"

And lasting damage could be done, she said.

"If we load on more and more government spending, this is deficit spending. I know he wants to raise taxes, but he's not going to cover all of this by raising taxes. I think that the question of whether we go into inflation or whether we start to slow the growth that we have so far down are real questions.”