WASHINGTON, D.C. — The federal government funding bill set to be voted on this week by Congress includes just more than $800 million to combat opioid abuse problems, according to U.S. Senator Shelley Moore Capito.

During a conference call with reporters Monday afternoon, Capito said the money will address the issue over a wide spectrum including more money for treatment and overdose reversal, funding for community health centers to help with prevention and treatment along with more money for research.

“As much as I would like to say we don’t welcome this because it has a negative aspect to it, it’s something that absolutely our communities are working on day and night, along with all of us, to get a handle on this,” Capito said.

The real help for West Virginia will be increasing the availability of treatment and treatment facilities, Capito said.

“That’s a good thing for our state,” she said.

The funding also creates more dollars for the DEA to battle heroin trafficking and it will help the National Guard’s counter drug program.

The funding bill also includes additional funding for flood recovery efforts in the Mountain State, according to Capito.

“Those areas are still hurting and there is some more support for our state and local governments,” she said.

However, the funding package does not include the $461 million Gov. Jim Justice asked for in a letter to congressional leaders last week for block grant funding to help with flood recovery. Congress provided $87 million in flood recovery money late last year and $17 million last fall, Capito’s office said.