Capito Visits Logan County Chamber of Commerce

LOGAN — On her Sept. 1 speaking tour of southern W.Va., Senator Shelley Moore Capito made a stop at the Logan County Chamber of Commerce to discuss economic growth and the prospects of improved broadband access with local business leaders.

The event was well-attended by members of the Logan County Chamber of Commerce, Logan County Commission, the Economic Development Authority and a representative from Governor Tomblin’s office.

Capito opened the meeting saying, “I want to start off by saying what an incredible honor it is for me to be in the United States Senate representing for our state….for all of the women and men in the crowd it is a huge honor for me to be the first woman ever elected to serve in the United States Senate from the state of West Virginia.”

Capito explained her Senate Committee assignments on the Environment and Public Works, Energy and Appropriations Committees before elucidating her stances in relation to President Barack Obama. “…the President came out with his clean power plan…which is his new plan to cut carbon emissions which, if its even possible to further devastate our region, it’s going to further devastate our region because of the nature, not just of our coal exploration, but the way we generate our energy.”

Capito then championed the ARENA Act which will allow states flexibility in adopting regulations surrounding the Clean Air Act. The ARENA Act will also stop further regulatory moves until they are proven to be constitutional. While the ARENA Act has moved through the Environment and Public Works Committee; however, is yet to pass the senate, the house or be signed by the President.

W.Va. State Senator Art Kirkendoll was present at the meeting, and, when Capito opened the floor questions, Kirkendoll addressed several issues facing southern W.Va. from coal production to economic diversification and stability saying, “The bottom line is we know we have to change. We know we have to diversify. We’re ready. We need some help from your level to put it together.”

Capito responded by explaining she had viewed the proposed drag strip on the border of Logan and Mingo Counties and spoken with Agriculture Commissioner Walt Helmick about the possibility of a pig farm and saying , “That’s why I’m here. That sounds like something that might be viable.”

By:  Owen Wells
Source: Logan Banner