Defense contractor adding jobs in Southern W.Va.

PINEVILLE, W.Va. (WVVA) Leaders with a Southern West Virginia company that plays a critical role in protecting American military ships announced Tuesday they are expanding. 

Truston Technologies, a Marine construction company based in Pineville, will be consolidating their Virginia location to bring the company to their Pineville location. 

David Laxton, who oversees the Pineville location, said he is relieved by the decision. Laxton has worked for Truston Technologies since 2008.

"I was very happy. I was born and raised here in Pineville. It means a great deal to me that they're staying. 

With help from the Wyoming County Economic Development Authority, the company was able to add at least ten new jobs to their workforce. 

"The local economic development folks really worked hard with them so they could move into a larger building and  afford some of the bigger equipment," explained Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, (R) West Virginia, during a ribbon-cutting celebration Tuesday. 

As local leaders explained on Tuesday, there is the potential for even more jobs if upcoming defense contracts play out in the company's favor. 

"The Truston Technology folks say what we have is a cooperative spirit of development here, creating jobs and wanting to keep them. It's not just about protecting America and American workers, it's about paying a living wage so that they can work here, live here, and raise their family here," added Sen. Capito.

By:  Annie Moore
Source: WVVA