GLEN DANIEL, W.Va. (WVVA) – Trap Hill Middle School students received a special visit Monday from a Fox News anchor and U.S. Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, (R) West Virginia. 

The visit was part of Sen. Capito’s ‘West Virginia Girls Rise Up’ program, in which she brings inspiring leaders to meet with young ladies across the state. 

As Fox News Commentator Shannon Bream told students, the road to the anchor desk wasn’t an easy one. She recalled her days as a nerdy middle school student and difficult days with a news director who was not too keen on her delivery. 

“He said you are the worst person I’ve ever seen on TV. You should quit right now. Basically, you’re terrible.” 

But Bream did not quit. She rose to become a Fox News anchor with more than a million viewers. 

“By showing them everybody has slip ups, everybody fails, it will hopefully give them the confidence to rebound and try again,” said Sen. Capito. 

The program is especially fitting for Sen. Capito, who is West Virginia’s first female senator. 

“We can relate to them in terms of how we felt when we were in middle school and how we gained confideence to be able to serve. It’s really about inspiring the next generation and it’s fun too.” 

Sen. Capito has hosted more than a dozen events through the program since it first started in 2015.