Local Airports and the Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization

The U.S. Senate is back in session this week and one bill they will be talking about is the Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization.

The FAA reauthorization reauthorizes the FAA and related programs though the end of fiscal year 2017.

"The FAA reauthorization provides for the safety of our flying public," said Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV). "It also doesn't raise any fees or any additional taxes. It will also, I think help with preservation of rural air service, certainly in the Clarksburg area and other areas around West Virginia where we have a central serivce."

"It guarantees that we're able to keep that with the federal dollars, helping us with that. Also, it's a job creator. A lot of aviation jobs in West Virginia and we want to keep those, but it's mostly about keeping the flying public safe."

So with all of this said by Senator Capito how does this impact our local airports like the CKB Airport and the Morgantown Municipal Airport?

"There are airports around the country and Clarksburg and Morgantown are two of those airports that are in rural areas that need help to sustain service to make sure they have the safety and air traffic control," Capito added. "This bill helps with federal funding for that. It helps to support those local and rural airports so you don't have the convince of flying out of an airport close to you and in West Virginia that's extremely important."

"The benefit for us is that the airline that we are able to get from a commercial standpoint is subsidized by the federal dollars," said Ron Watson President of the Benedum Airport Authority.

When we spoke to some of you and many felt the airport is very beneficial and they'd like it to get all the help it can.

"It saves people from having to drive to Pittsburgh. You can park up there for a week at a time," said Ruby Stevens of Harrison County. "I think it would be beneficial for here."

By:  Ryan Petrovich
Source: WDTV