WASHINGTON, D.C. – West Virginia is on its way to having more wireless technology as Senator Shelley Moore Capito announced expanded broadband for three counties.

Barbour, Randolph and Upshur Counties will receive three million dollars in federal funding to give fixed wireless broadband to over 3,500 households and businesses in the region.

This will also provide broadband access to nearly 9,000 West Virginia residents and employers.

Sen. Capito said this isn't just a win for those counties; it's a step in the right direction for the entire state.

Here in the Eastern Panhandle, Sen. Capito stressed the importance of broadband for business success and students education.

"If we don't get this, we will fall further behind, and I’m very concerned about that. So, we're working hard to get those numbers up so our connectivity is on par with just about anybody,” said Sen. Capito.

Sen. Capito said that she will continue to identify where there are gaps in connectivity, and focus on those areas across the state.