PADEN CITY, W.Va. (WTRF) – Nearly one month without the ability to drink, shower, or even wash clothes with water in their own homes. 

As we know, that’s what the residents of Paden City are experiencing after they have been placed on a “Do Not Use/Do Not Consume” order since August 16th after high levels of tetra-chloroethylene or PCE were found in their water supply. 

Frustrations are continuing to grow in Paden City and residents are seeking relief from anywhere they can as they can’t even do tasks taken for granted like brushing their teeth or preparing food. 

The EPA sent a press release Thursday stating that they will provide an interim supply of bottled water to residents until the “Do Not Use Order” is lifted by the Director of the West Virginia DHHR. 

We have seen a reaction from figures like Governor Jim Justice in recognizing that federal agencies move more slowly than they would like, and now we have one from Senator Shelley Moore Capito. 

She says that she had just visited Paden City a year and a half ago after they secured a 10-million-dollar Brownfield Grant to clean up their existing contamination, and she is very concerned about their current situation. 

”Clean water is absolutely critical. We must ensure that our water is safe, drinkable and okay to use. And until that time comes, I think that it looks like the city is going to have to rely on bottled water and we’re going to help the community as best we can to secure those resources.”


Bottled water was made available to Paden City Residents from 3pm to 6pm at the Paden City Fire Hall. 

For those who were unable to make it out to pick up water, they encourage you to call 304-337-8581 during business hours and the city will arrange for delivery.