Senator Capito reflects on meetings with republican cabinet nominees

She met with three of President-Elect Donald Trump's Cabinet Nominees

Throughout the week Senator Shelley Moore Capito met with three of President-Elect Donald Trump's Cabinet Nominees, each of which she says will benefit the State of West Virginia.

Capito says that Governor Rick Perry, who is the energy secretary nominee, understands the production and use of energy.

In West Virginia, she says that energy production is one thing that the state needs to get up and moving again.

She also met with nominee for EPA, Scott Pruitt.

She says the Oklahoma Attorney General brought a lot of information to the table in terms of regulatory relief and energy research.

Capito says that West Virginia has a lot of water infrastructure, which is something that Elaine Chao, the transportation secretary nominee, understands how to work with.

"All of them I think are going to help understand that getting people back to work is the most important thing and using our natural resources to do that is important as well,” said Senator, Shelley Moore Capito.

Capito also said that she is planning to vote to make the repeal of the Affordable Care Act - possible.

By:  Deborah Martinelli
Source: WHAG