W.Va. Senator Capito introduces Gigabit Opportunity Act

She says more areas in West Virginia struggle with connectivity

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. – In an age where connectivity seems to be more important than ever, West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito is campaigning to improve broadband availability across the state through the Gigabit Opportunity Act.

Capito said there are too many areas across West Virginia that struggle with connectivity.

Specifically, in the Eastern Panhandle, she said that the ability to deliver high speed and affordable access is crucial to economic development in the area.

One example the senator gave was with the new Procter and Gamble site being built in Martinsburg, saying that they need high speed internet access in order to connect with global partners and successfully complete day to day operations.

"It creates gigabit opportunity zones. We're working with the federal government so we can spur investment in areas that are undeserved. We can work with the state in local areas to make sure the regulatory environment is quick,” said Sen. Capito.

Capito said the Gigabit Opportunity Act is also important for students who complete portions of their schoolwork at home.

By:  Erin Miller
Source: WHAG