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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.), Vice Chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, participated in the weekly Senate Republican Leadership press conference where she discussed President Biden’s refusal to address his southern border crisis.

Part of Senator Capito’s remarks focused on the recent death of Laken Riley, an Augusta University nursing student who was brutally murdered on the campus of the University of Georgia. Riley’s accused killer was identified as an illegal immigrant who entered the country through the southern border, and was not detained or deported despite a previous arrest.


FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF A PARENT: “From a parent perspective, or from a friend perspective, how many times throughout our lives do we think our children—or that we’re in a safe place? We're going to go out for a run on a college campus, very close to where we're in school. In the middle, you know, of a very safe, safe area. And the next thing you get is the call, as the parent, that your daughter has been murdered, brutally murdered, and then you hear the circumstances of the person who has been arrested for her murder.”

AT PRESIDENT BIDEN’S FEET: “This is so, so avoidable, and it does lay right at the feet of President Joe Biden. His catch-and-release policies are the reason, his use of parole is the reason that one individual impacted that family and her friends for the rest of their lives.”

PRESIDENTIAL RESPONSIBILITY: “I would implore the president to do something, to do something. It's been within his power. I think it's sort of, not even ironic, but a little bit laughable that now you're reading reports where the president says, ‘I might do an executive order.’ Haven't we all been saying you can do executive orders like President Trump did? You could have done this three years ago, and maybe Laken Riley would still be with us here today.”

PRESIDENT BIDEN MUST DO SOMETHING: “For that reason and that reason alone, and all of the other issues that go along with not knowing who these folks are, where they're from, what their intentions are, what kind of criminal records they have – President Biden has got to do something and do it quickly.”

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