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WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) today joined Varney and Co. on Fox Business Network to discuss West Virginians’ opposition the Democrats’ $5 trillion reckless tax-and-spending legislation, and the real-life impacts of President Joe Biden’s inflation crisis.


PROPOSED GREEN PROVISIONS HARMFUL TO WEST VIRGINIA: “The way it's written now, it would really penalize states in the transportation sector on greenhouse gas emissions. If you look at a rural state or some of our western states where you don't have a lot of congestion, and then they're asking you to meet certain metrics to pull down your emissions, it's almost impossible. And yet, it's so punitive. They've said ‘consequences,’ which could mean they would take away the state's ability to have the decisions on new highways or maintaining our highways to get into the formula funding. I think this is the wrong way to go about the certain areas of our country that have huge congestion in the transportation sector…and the concerning thing here, Stuart, it's punitive, we know because it's consequences, but we don't know what those consequences are. So, we're really leaving an open book here for them to come in, and really the federal transportation, to make decisions for the states. And traditionally, those decisions are made best at the state.”

WEST VIRGINIANS FIRMLY AGAINST SPENDING BILL: “As we saw last night in a survey of West Virginians, 59% of West Virginians strongly oppose the ‘Build Back Better.’ 73% of West Virginians are concerned about what ‘Build Back Better’ will do to inflation. And another 89% of West Virginians say, ‘let's push this back. Let's slow this down.’”

ON CHANCES OF DELAYING RECKLESS SPENDING BILL: “I do think we have a good shot, simply because: number one today, just an hour ago, they announced their debt limit number’s going to be $2.5 trillion. That's another several trillion dollar plan. If you look at what the cost of the child care provisions in this plan, it's going to double the cost of child care, and put a lot of our religious childcare institutions out of business. If you look at the green energy, it's going to raise our energy prices when people are getting notices from the power company now that their bills are going to double.”

DEMOCRAT POLICIES HURTING FAMILIES: “And who does it hurt? It hurts the people the most that have the most difficulty paying every month to make sure that they, you know, can get their food on the table, and people are feeling it…you don't have to tell them this is happening. They see it every day when they fill the car up or they go to the grocery store, or they try to do something else that normally would be within the realm of affordability, and it no longer is.”

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